Multiple Booster Pump Controller

P Series – Fixed Speed Pump Control – Variable Pressure

Pressure control of multiple pumps from a single Control Panel and pressure sensor. Fixed speed variable pressure pump control with adjustable start and stop pressures per pump, and intuitive menu driven options.

The pump pressure sensor is separate from the Control Panel allowing installation either close to the pumps as in a chassis mounted pump set or for use with submerged pump sets for maximum performance, silent operation and reduced space requirements.

Monitoring of the supply tank/break tank via either float switch or analogue level sensor. Level sensor models have accurate level display and minimum level adjustment from the Control Panel.

Advanced Fault Tracking logs faults as they occur. Fault codes are stored in memory until you choose to erase them, allowing easy identification of intermittent and historical Faults.

Clever design of the circuit board provides the most robust unit on the market today, with overvoltage and brownout protection, immediate recovery from power failures with no loss of setting and auto reboot, individually fused outputs, oversized power supply to electronics, removable MCU chip (software) for easy upgrades, automatic failover of pumps, and automatic search for spare pumps even if not configured for twin pump use.

Modular connector design and tolerant software allow pumps to be ‘hot swapped’ without switching off the Controller or remaining pump.

Designed, programmed, built and assembled in the UK. With full UK based technical support, rapid spares availability, and spare parts supply from UK stocks, with full repair/recon service to component level.

Product CodePumps ControlledSupply Tank ControlBuy or Contact
PF120P2Float Switch
PF130P3Float Switch
PF140P4Float Switch
PF320P2Level Sensor
PF330P3Level Sensor
PF340P4Level Sensor


  • Adjustable pressure control (10bar max) Duty Standby/Duty Assist with alternation
  • Modular ‘hot swap’ of pumps and solenoids
  • Automatic Tank Level Calibration
  • Multiple pump model support at 230Vac 50Hz or any supply voltage/phase via contactors/overloads
  • BMS Switched output
  • Optional BMS serial output
  • Waterproof to IP65
  • Advanced Fault Tracking
  • Fault Warning LED
  • Auto hunt for redundant spare pump during pump failure in single pump mode
  • Swappable MCU chip (software)
  • System Overpressure Alarm – protects pipework and attached appliances (UV system, etc) from overpressure due to faulty installation or incorrect pressure setting
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Brownout protection
  • Watchdog timer
  • Fused Outputs

Adjustable Settings

  • Pump cut-in/cut-out pressure (for each pump) System Overpressure Alarm
  • Pump failure pressure
  • Pump Mode (Pump 1, Pump 2, Twin pump assist/standby) Minimum Water Level (dry run prevention) Pump restart delay
  • Fault code display
  • Fault code erase
  • Input test diagnostic screen
  • Output test diagnostic screen
  • Manual Stop – with BMS activation
  • Restore Factory Default Settings