Variable Speed Multi-point Pressure Control

This product is also available with E-power inverters

 Pressure Boosting Sets

3P BVM series pressure booster sets are designed to supply water under pressure to multiple points of use.

Variable Speed Pressure Control maintains a near constant pressure by regulating the motor speed of each pump, providing considerable gains in efficiency compared to basic fixed speed pressure control. Pressure is measured at the outlet manifold by an electronic pressure sensor with greater reliability than mechanical switches.

Features include adjustable pressure, duty standby/assist with alternation at each pump cycle, and BMS output, whilst remaining extremely compact.

An optional float switch can be situated in a break tank or well providing an adjustable safety shut-off to prevent dry running.


  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Duty Standby/Duty Assist with alternation
  • Quiet water cooled pumps fixed on anti-vibration mounts for extremely quiet operation
  • Single sided bolt removal (no need to reach backnut on other side)
  • Integral lifting point for ease of installation
  • Twin pressure vessels
  • Highly Accurate Digital Pressure Display
  • Lockable isolator switch
  • BMS Switched output
  • Swappable MCU chip (software)
  • Overvoltage protection

Adjustable Settings

  • Pump cut-in/cut-out pressure (for each pump)
  • System Overpressure Alarm
  • Pump failure pressure
  • Pump Mode (Pump1,Pump2,Twin pump assist/standby)
  • Minimum Water Level (dry run prevention)
  • Pump restart delay
  • Fault code display
  • Fault code erase
  • Input test diagnostic screen
  • Output test diagnostic screen
  • Manual Stop – with BMS activation
  • Restore Factory Default Settings
Code Pumps Max Pressure bar Max Flow l/min Noise Level @ 1m (approx) Supply Tank Monitoring Voltage Current Contact
BVM1202 2xXMO120PRO 5.3 180 60db Float ~1 230Vac 14.4

BVM12042 2xXMO1204BHF 4.3 290 60db Float ~1 230Vac 12.8

BVM15052 2xXMO1505BHF 5.2 290 60db Float ~1 230Vac 14.6

BVM20062 2xXMO2006HF 6.3 290 60db Float ~1 230Vac 20.2

BVM12023 2xXMO120PRO 5.3 180 60db Float ~3 400Vac 5

BVM120423 2xXMV1204BHF 4.3 290 60db Float ~3 400Vac 4.4

BVM150523 2xXMV1505BHF 5.2 290 60db Float ~3 400Vac 5

BVM200623 2xXMO2006HF 6.3 290 60db Float ~3 400Vac 6

BVM200623V 2xXMV2006HF 6.3 290 60db Float ~3 400Vac 6