Combined Water Pressure Booster & Tank

Variable Speed Combined Water Pressure Booster and Water Tank

3P BT Pressure Booster and Tank Basic Model
Basic (B) Model
3P BT Pressure Booster and Tank
3P BT Pressure Booster and Tank Original Model

Quiet and economical supply of pressurised water to multiple points of use within a building. Ideal in domestic and light commercial uses where the enclosed design and low noise and vibration are desirable.

A variable speed inverter runs the pump only as fast as necessary to maintain the desired pressure, achieving high efficiency, minimising noise and vibration and reducing running costs.

The pump motor is protected by the inverter against failure caused by overload/stall conditions and dry running. A slow start and stop of the pump eliminates sudden pipe vibration and water hammer.

WRAS approved water storage tank. Available in three sizes, 230L, 570L and 1000L.

In the Original Model, the tanks are quickly filled by a large 1″ solenoid valve and the water level in the tank is controlled by safe and reliable 24v low voltage sensors. A display panel clearly shows when the system is powered, filling the tank, or in a fault condition.

Overflow warning and protection is provided by a high level sensor which displays a fault and halts the solenoid valve, providing an additional failsafe mechanism in the event of a failure or jam of a lower sensor.

Whereas the Basic model is quickly filled by a high speed float valve. An articulated ball arm provides additional movement reducing unnecesary valve activity.

Both models are designed, and assembled in the UK. With full UK based technical support, rapid spares availability, and spare parts supply from UK stocks.

Full recon/repair service available to component level.


Product Code
(ending B = Basic Model)
PumpDimensions (mm)
w x d x h
Tank Capacity (litres)Flow Rate (l/min)Max System PressureRecommended Operating PressureContact
 BT2309031 XMV80PRO620 x 620 x 1450230 903.12.6
 BT2309031B XMV80PRO 620 x 620 x 1700230 90 3.1 2.6
 BT23010063XMV150T230 620 x 620 x 1450230 100 6.3 5
 BT23010063BXMV150T230 620 x 620 x 1700230 100 6.3 5
 BT23014562XMV2006THF230 620 x 620 x 1450230 145 6.2 5.1
 BT23014562B XMV2006THF230 620 x 620 x 1700230 145 6.2 5.1
BT5709031XMV80PRO770 x 970 x 1650570903.12.6
BT5709031BXMV80PRO770 x 970 x 1900570903.12.6
BT57010063XMV150T230770 x 970 x 16505701006.35
BT57010063BXMV150T230770 x 970 x 19005701006.35
BT57014562XMV2006THF230770 x 970 x 16505701456.25.1
BT57014562BXMV2006THF230770 x 970 x 19005701456.25.1
BT10009031XMV80PRO1180 x 1180 x 14501000903.12.6
BT10009031BXMV80PRO1180 x 1180 x 17001000903.12.6
BT100010063XMV150T2301180 x 1180 x 145010001006.35
BT100010063BXMV150T2301180 x 1180 x 170010001006.35
BT100014562XMV2006THF2301180 x 1180 x 145010001456.25.1
BT100014562BXMV2006THF2301180 x 1180 x 170010001456.25.1


  • Maintains constant system pressure
  • WRAS approved water tank in three different sizes, 230L, 570L or 1000L
  • Reliable air cooled inverter with IGBT technology
  • High quality stainless steel pumps
  • Quiet water cooled pump located within the tank for extremely quiet operation
  • Single sided lid bolt removal (no need to reach backnut on other side)
  • 8 litre stainless steel pressure vessel
  • Highly accurate digital pressure display
  • Pump Fault display
  • Highly visible tank status display & tank level fault warning (Original model only)
  • Type AB Air Gap available (optional) for compliance with WRAS regulations up to Category 5, BS EN 13077
  • Pump Protection Class IP68 (Submersible)
  • Controls Protection Class IP65 (Original model), IP55 (Basic model)
  • System Overpressure Alarm – protects pipework and attached appliances (UV system, etc) from overpressure due to faulty installation or incorrect pressure setting (Original model only)
  • Smallest models (230L) at 620mm wide, fit through doorways
  • Easily replaceable parts, designed for easy maintenance

Adjustable Settings

  • Adjustable pump pressure
  • Maximum and Minimum Pressure Alarms (Original model only)
  • Auto-restart after fault on/off
  • Runtime duration counters for inverter and pump
  • Adjustable ramp time for soft start/stop
  • Adjustable Delta start value (deviation from set pressure before the pump starts)
  • Restore factory default settings

Options (Original Model Only)

  • Remote alarm panel
  • GSM Remote Alarm by Text Messaging
  • BMS Connectivity by volt-free output
  • Fixed speed