B Series Multistage Fountain

X-MF B Series Fountain pumpThis multistage fountain pump is ideal for large municipal water features like large water features and fountains. Single or 3 phase.

Pumped liquid: Clean cold water without abrasives or solids.

Self priming multistage centrifugal pump. For submerged use.

Available with 0.8hp, 1hp, 1.2hp, 1.5hp and 2hp motors.

Water cooled, multi stage impeller/diffuser with venturi.

Supplied with 10m cable.

X-MF-B Pumps Performance CurvesMaterials

  • Pump Body – Stainless 304
  • Motor Body – Stainless 304
  • Rotor Shaft – Stainless 420
  • Supporting Flanges – Polypropylene
  • Impellers –  Stainless 304
  • Diffusers and Venturi – Noryl
  • Electrical cover – Polypropylene.
  • Mechanical Seal – Silicon Carbide
  • Other Seals – NBR70


Steelpumps X-MF-B fountain pump datasheet (192KB pdf opens in a new window).

MF B Series Single Phase Manual Self Priming Jet Pump

Product Code Power Contact
X-MF 80B 0.8HP

X-MF 100B 1HP

X-MF 120B 1.2HP

X-MF 150B 1.5HP

X-MF 1204BHF 1.2HP

X-MF 1505BHF 1.5HP

X-MF 2006BHF 2HP

MF B Series Three Phase Manual Self Priming Jet Pump

Product Code Power Volts Contact
X-MF 80BT230 0.8HP 230

X-MF 80BT400 0.8HP 400

X-MF 100BT230 1HP 230

X-MF 100BT400 1HP 400

X-MF 120BT230 1.2HP 230

X-MF 120BT400 1.2HP 400

X-MF 150BT230 1.5HP 230

X-MF 150BT400 1.5HP 400

X-MF 1204THF230 1.2HP 230

X-MF 1204THF400 1.2HP 400

X-MF 1505THF230 1.5HP 230

X-MF 1505THF400 1.5HP 400

X-MF 2006THF230 2HP 230

X-MF 2006THF400 2HP 400