Inverter – Self Contained

XINV101110 Self Contained Inverter
XINV101110 Self Contained Inverter

Inverter for single and 3 phase 230v pumps.

Adjusts pump motor speed to maintain constant pressure. The desired pressure can be adjusted from the keypad.

Reduces the size of pressure vessel required.

Soft starting eliminates water hammer.

Connection for float switch for level control / dry run avoidance.

Can be joined in pairs for duty assist / duty standby.

Can run 230v 3 phase pumps from a single phase supply.


Product Code Max Pressure Operating Range Flow (max m3/hr) Current (max per phase) Contact
XINV101110 15 0.5 to 12 bar 15 ~1 9A
~3 10A

XINV101165 10 0.5 to 8 bar 10 ~1 5A
~3 6A


  • Male 1.25in connections
  • Dry run protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Anti-ice system
  • Digital pressure / status display
  • Max 10A ~3, 9A ~1
  • Max operating pressure 15bar
  • Max set pressure 12bar
  • Max water temp. 40 deg C
  • Max flow 15m3/hr
  • Ingress Protection IP55