Extra High Flow Series Vertical Multistage

S-AMV/MV High Flow. Powerful fully automatic pumpExtra high flow water pump for commercial and industrial use. Also suitable for domestic boosting, rainwater harvesting, surface irrigation, tank transfer.

Pumped liquid: Clean cold water without abrasives or solids.

Self priming high flow rate multi stage centrifugal jet pump, single or 3 phase. For submerged, underground or surface mounting. Main flanges in brass for extra longevity and durability against heat/frost.

Automatic version includes pressure control, anti-blocking system, leak detection, and dry run protection with automatic restart.

Available with  1.2hp, 1.5hp and 2hp motors.

Water cooled, multi stage impeller/diffuser with venturi. Supplied with 10m cable.

Note: the X-MV150HF and Extra High Flow Single Phase pumps in this series require installation on a single spur MCB protected. You are strongly advised to consult or have the pump installed by a professional electrician. For the avoidance of doubt a 13A plug is not sufficient. You MUST consult the Manual and if in any doubt consult a professional trained Electrician.

Materials provertmultistagehfgraph

  • Pump Body – Stainless 304
  • Motor Body – Stainless 304
  • Rotor Shaft – Stainless 420
  • Supporting Flanges – Brass
  • Impellers – Noryl
  • Diffusers and Venturi – Noryl
  • Electrical cover – Stainless 304
  • Mechanical Seal – Ceramic/Graphite
  • Other Seals – NBR70



X-AMV and X-MV HF Series pumps datasheet (167KB pdf opens in a new window).

X-MV150 HF Series pumps datasheet (183KB pdf opens in a new window).

Extra High Flow Series Automatic Vertical Multistage Pump

Product Code Power Buy Now

Extra High Flow  Series Manual Vertical Multistage Pump

Product Code Power Buy Now
XMV1204BHF 1.2HP
XMV150HF 1.5HP
XMV1505BHF 1.5HP

Extra High Flow Series Three Phase Manual Vertical Multistage Pump

Product Code Power Volts Buy Now
XMV1204BTHF230 1.2HP 230V
XMV1204BTHF400 1.2HP 400V
XMV1505BTHF230 1.5HP 230V
XMV1505BTHF400 1.5HP 400V
XMV2006TFH230 2HP 230V
XMV2006TFH400 2HP 400V