Dosing Tank Controller

DCT200 Dosing and Mixing Level Control

DTC200 Dosing Tank Controller

The 3P DTC200 Dosing Tank Controller manages the filling, chemical dosing, agitation, reaction and emptying of a tank in a continuous cycle or on demand to a pre-set level and then activates a dosing pump with a known flow rate (usually peristaltic or diaphragm) for a set duration. Once this duration expires a reaction delay begins followed by activation of the tank draining output until a low level is reached and the cycle repeats.

Optionally the dosing function can be set to occur as the tank fills hence speeding the process. A separate agitator/aerator may be added and can be set to operate during at various stages during the cycle.

Tank draining and filling operations will both tolerate interruption, allowing for the tank to be filled as fluid becomes available, or drained as processed fluid is required.

Dosing and reaction/mixing timers can be set in 1 minute increments up to 240 minutes, and dosing can take place after or during filling. At all stages where a timed operation takes place a clear countdown timer is shown.

Level control is provided by switch inputs and the system is supplied with 4 x reed type mini float switches which are typically installed either through the tank wall or onto a rail inserted from the top of the tank.

Floats are installed at the following levels:

  • Ÿ Low Alarm
  • Ÿ Low Set Point
  • Ÿ High Set Point
  • Ÿ Overflow Alarm

High and Low Level alarms are optional and can be de-activated if not required. A low level alarm does not affect operation, overflow alarm ceases operation and advances the cycle into drain mode.

DTC200 is suitable for precise dosing of bulk liquids for water treatment, batch chemical processing, waste water treatment, food processing applications, and bulk paint and dye mixing.

All outputs are capable of driving 230VAC up to 10A, and can be connected to relays or contactors for use with lower or higher voltages on non-voltage inputs of other equipment.

Designed, programmed, built and assembled in the UK. With full UK based technical support , rapid spares availability, and spare parts supply from UK stocks. Full repair/recon service to component level.


  • Modular ‘hot swap’ of pumps and other devices
  • Fixed tank level calibration
  • Clear ‘Time Remaining’ display in minutes moving to seconds when below 1 minute
  • Multiple pump model support at 230Vac 50Hz or any supply voltage/phase via contactors/overloads
  • BMS Switched output
  • Optional BMS serial output
  • Fault Warning LED
  • Swappable MCU chip (software)
  • High and Low Level alarms, linked to BMS output
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Brownout protection
  • Watchdog timer
  • Fused Outputs

Adjustable Settings

  • Dosing Pump Timer 1 to 240 minutes in 1 minute increments
  • Reaction Time 1 to 240 minutes in 1 minute increments
  • High Level/Low Level alarms can be individually enabled/disabled
  • Dose While Filling (concurrent) or Dose After Filling
  • Agitation/mixing while Reacting, Dosing+Reacting, Filling+Dosing+Reacting, Full Time, or Not Enabled
  • Fault display
  • Input test diagnostic screen
  • Output test diagnostic screen
  • Manual Stop – with BMS activation
  • Restore Factory Default Settings