Pump Filters and Accessories

Inverter – Monophase/Threephase

inverter Automatic speed control or single and 3 phase 230v pumps. Adjusts pump motor speed to maintain constant pressure. The desired pressure can be adjusted from the keypad. Reduces the size of pressure vessel required. Soft starting eliminates water hammer. Connection for float switch for level control / dry run avoidance. Can be joined in pairs for duty assist / duty standby. Can run 230v 3 phase pumps from a single phase supply.

Male 1.25in connections
Dry run protection
Overcurrent protection
Anti-ice system
Digital pressure / status display
Max 10A ~3, 9A ~1
Max operating pressure 15bar
Max set pressure 12bar
Max water temp. 40 deg C
Max flow 15m3

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Filter Cartridges Box

Available in 5″, 7″, 10″ & 20″. 1″, 1.5″ & 2″ BSP connections for in-line usefilterbox. Used in conjunction with filter cartridges.

Product CodeSizefittingContact
USWF20BB12 (Big Blue)20″1″
USBR3BRO-ring (Big Blue mouting bracket)

Filter Cartridges

Water filter cartridges for water harvesting
Available in 5″, 7″, 10″ & 20″. Filters particles down to 60 microns, for use with filter cartridge box.

Product CodeSizeTypeFiltering sizeContact
XFIL55″Wound Wire60 Micron
XFIL77″Wound Wire60 Micron
XFIL1010″Wound Wire60 Micron
XNY55″Nylon Mesh60 Micron
XNY77″Nylon Mesh60 Micron
XNY1010″Nylon Mesh60 Micron
XIX55″Stainless Steel60 Micron
XIX77″Stainless Steel60 Micron
XIX1010″Stainless Steel60 Micron
XCA55″Activated CarbonN/A
XCA77″Activated CarbonN/A
XCA1010″Activated CarbonN/A
USPS1M20BB (Big Blue)20″Polypropylene meltblown1 Micron


Float Switch

float switch for water harvesting controlFloat switches enable you to automatically control the water level in your water tank.

A float switch will automatically switch your pump on or off when the water reaches a specified level.

Available in 2m, 5m, 10m & 20m. 2-way (switches up or down). Supplied with cable counterweight.

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Float Intakes

float intakeAvailable with or without hose.

Product CodeHose FittingHose length & typeContact
40006001″None (float intake only)
40006101″1m Heavy Duty
40006201″2m Heavy Duty
40006301″3m Heavy Duty
40006401″4m Heavy Duty
4000A001.25″None (float intake only)
4000A201.25″2m Heavy Duty
4000B001.5″None (float intake only)
4000B201.5″2m Heavy Duty
4000C002″None (float intake only)

Pipes and Hoses

Green medium duty hoseOrder by the meter, 1 meter, 7 meters etc and we will cut it to length.

Product CodeSizeTypeUseContact
05002980.5″Torsino professional gradeGeneral purpose
05003100.75″Torsino professional gradeGeneral purpose
90000123YY32mmTorsino professional gradeGeneral purpose
05009931″Mega Star professional gradeGeneral purpose
05203201″General Purpose Spiral ReinforcedSuction/Discharge Hose
05203211.25″General Purpose Spiral ReinforcedSuction/Discharge Hose
05203221.5″General Purpose Spiral ReinforcedSuction/Discharge Hose
05203232″General Purpose Spiral ReinforcedSuction/Discharge Hose
05203263″General Purpose Spiral ReinforcedSuction/Discharge Hose
4000641B19mmHeavy Duty Superior QualitySuction/Discharge Hose
4000642G25mmHeavy Duty Superior QualitySuction/Discharge Hose
4000643B32mmHeavy Duty Superior QualitySuction/Discharge Hose
4000644B38mmHeavy Duty Superior QualitySuction/Discharge Hose
91290401919mmVacupress Heavy Duty Superior QualityGeneral Purpose
91290403232mmVacupress Heavy Duty Superior QualityGeneral Purpose
91290403838mmVacupress Heavy Duty Superior QualityGeneral Purpose

Transportation Handle

Fits all horixontal pumps excluding the specialist pumps.

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IP68 Connectors

Available in 2-way & 3-way. 5 pole submersible connectors.

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Technopolymer Check Valves

Non return valve as supplied with X-AJE/X-AMO/X-A2CP.

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