Level Control – Mains Water Top-up

TCS5JB Series

TCS5JB Series Water Tank Controller - Level Control
TCS5JB Series Water Tank Controller – Level Control

This tank level controller controls the water supply through a high flow solenoid valve to maintain the level of water in a tank.

Optional pump isolation versions for both direct pressurised, and indirect (header tank) systems. All TCS5JB Controllers are designed to work in conjunction with an automatic pump.

The new low voltage options, TCS5JBL and TCS5JBLA, are suitable for irrigation applications.


Product CodeFloat SwitchVoltageSolenoidIP RatingBuy Now
TCS5JB115m~1 2301/2″IP54
TCS5JB1A15m~1 230 3/4″IP54
TCS5JB1B15m~1 230 1″IP54
TCS5JB1C15m~1 230 1.25″IP54
TCS5JB220m~1 230 1/2″IP54
TCS5JB2A20m~1 230 3/4″IP54
TCS5JB2B20m~1 230 1″IP54
TCS5JB2C20m~1 230 1.25″IP54
TCS5JB32m~1 230 1/2″IP54
TCS5JB3A2m~1 230 3/4″IP54
TCS5JB3B2m~1 230 1″IP54
TCS5JB3E2m~1 230 2″IP54
TCS5JB45m~1 230 1/2″IP54
TCS5JB4B5m~1 230 1″IP54
TCS5JB3IP673m~1 230 1/2″IP67
TCS5JB4IP675m~1 230 1/2″IP67
TCS5JB3AIP672m~1 230 1/2″IP67
TCS5JB4AIP675m~1 230 3/4″IP67
TCS5JBLSupplied separately24VdcSolenoid Valve supplied separately
TCS5JBLASupplied separately24Vdc  Solenoid Valve supplied separately


  • Control of mains water through a high flow solenoid valve.
  • Type A-A air gap meets UK and EU water regulations, with a unique integrated tundish overflow (air gap supplied with 1/2″ versions only).
  • Float switch lengths of 2m, 15m and 20m, or bespoke to order.
  • Pump Control options available.
  • Low voltage 24v options available.
  • All components are designed for wall mounting.
  • Available with optional pump isolation for dry run protection, in the event water demand is likely to exceed mains water top-up rate.
  • Designed for use with automatic pumps.
  • Supplied with electrical connectors for ease of installation.
  • 2 metre version can be used for header tank systems.
  • Ingress protection IP65 (main unit), IP54 or IP67 (solenoid).