We supply a range of innovative steel water pumps, oil pumps, marine pumps and related products. Our pumps are assembled in Italy from entirely EU sourced components.  Each pump is individually tested during production so that each SteelPumps product meets the high standards you would expect of an Italian made pump.

SteelPumps Applications and Features

A quick guide to our range of SteelPumps and their applications. View our printable SteelPumps Applications and Features Matrix.

Clean Water Centrifugal Pumps

Clean water centrifugal pump from SteelpumpsWe have a wide range of clean water centrifugal pumps that can cover many different applications from garden to commercial use. Vertical and Horizontal pumps, multistage and single stage.

Our Centrifugal Water Pumps



Specialist Pumps

Low Voltage Clean Water pump from SteelpumpsFrom low volt pumps to low pressure pumps, marine (salt water) to oil. We have SteelPumps to suit your specific situation and requirements.

Specialist pump range




Pump & Water Level Controllers

Water system electronic top-up controllerOur extensive range of electronic control panels provide you with the control over your water system that you need. Whether it is controlling multiple pumps from a single control panel to maintaining and monitoring the level of water in storage tanks with automatic top up.

Pump Controllers

Level Controllers

Rainwater Controllers


Pressure Boosting Sets

Water pressure boosting setOur pressure boosting sets supply water under pressure to single or multiple points of use.

Our compact pressure boosters are available in variable or fixed speed options. Both are quiet and reliable solutions for domestic and light commercial pressure boosting.

Pressure control & pressure boosting systems



Pump Accessories

Float Switch with variable cable lengthsFrom carrying handles to filters and float switches, we stock all of the accessories you might need for your rainwater harvesting or water system.

Pump Accessories



Pump Spare Parts

Exploded diagram of a steelpumpWe stock all of the possible spare parts for your SteelPump and water system. Disassembly of the entire pump is straightforward using basic tools, and ALL parts, including nuts and bolts, are available to order individually.

SteelPumps are designed to be servicable long into the future with common service components located behind an easy to remove electrical cover. The capacitor, pressure switch, flow sensor and control unit are all easily accessed.

Pump spare parts