Time Controlled Tank Level Switch

TCS9 Series – Tank Filling / Top-up

TCS9 Series Top-up Controller – Time Controlled Tank Level Switch

Provides scheduled level control to fill or drain a tank to a pre-set level only within a specified time window.

Designed for use where available water pressure, noise limits or usage restrictions require the scheduling of operation.

Modular assembly with easily replaceable parts.

Also available with a secondary over-ride float switch to initiate emergency level top-up or drain regardless of timing.

Float switch length does not contribute to voltage drop and does not affect maximum connectable load.


Product Code Float Switch Pump Outlet Buy Now
TCS9JB None 10A @230vac
TCS9JB1 2m 10A @230vac


  • Supplied with or without 2m float switch
  • Max 20A output load 1~230vac
  • Daily and Weekly Timing Programs
  • LCD Display and push button programming
  • 3 way manual override, on – off – auto
  • Waterproof front cover
  • Minimum time interval 1 minute
  • Double Pole Output Switching