TDSR23024AC Break Tank Level Controller


  • Compact And Reliable
  • Precise Level Control Of Small Tanks Even With High Fill Rates
  • Safe 24v Sensor Voltage
  • Alert & Shut-Off On Overfill To Prevent Spillage
  • Designed For OEM Integration
  • 230VAC Output For Solenoid, Pump Or Motorised Valve
  • Optional Audible Alarm
  • Ideal For Category 5 Booster Tanks And Header Tank Systems
  • Stable Operation In Tanks With Turbulence/Wave Motion
  • IP66 Suitable for Outdoor Installation in Sheltered Locations

The TDSR23024AC is a compact mains-powered control module aimed at the OEM market and designed to control the rapid filling of a small tank accurately, with a failsafe shut-off/alert function, and at minimal cost. It is ideal for break tank, booster tank, header tank systems or indirect rainwater systems with outdoor storage/header tank.

A variety of sensors can be fitted. Reed switch sensors are most often used and fitted through the wall of the tank. The start and stop levels of the fill function are then fixed permanently and accurate to typically 20mm or less.

Three sensors are used. Low and high-level sensors start and stop the fill cycle. An additional failsafe sensor halts the fill cycle if triggered and displays a visual alert (audible alert also available).

Once triggered by a low level the fill function is activated. Once activated the fill continues regardless of the lower sensor state until the high-level sensor is reached. The fill cycle is therefore immune to turbulence and wave action which would cause rapid cycling of other fill devices, making it suitable for small rapidly filling/emptying tanks.

An additional alarm sensor installed above the upper sensor acts as a backup in the event of sensor failure, shutting down the system and triggering a warning light.

Removing float valves from system designs increases fill speed allowing smaller tank sizes and reduced product footprint. Pumps used to fill break tanks can be controlled directly and operated at full flow for increased cooling, improved performance, reduced run-time, and reduced electricity consumption.

Sensors operate at 24v and the product is encased in a high impact IP66 polystyrene housing for optimum safety and reliability, and suitable for outdoor use in sheltered locations.

A twin output version TDSR23024DAC is available for dual source uses such as rainwater break tanks or duty standby/assist twin pump systems (pump alternation is also available on request for dual pump use).

Typical Applications

  • Booster Sets
  • Break Tanks
  • Header Tanks
  • Ideal for Agricultural and Industrial Process Use


CODEOutput 230VACOutput max currentInput 24VDCInput emitted currentPower supply voltagePower consumptionBuy or Contact
TDSR23024AC120A3150mA220-240Vac 50-60Hz4w
TDSR23024DAC220A4150mA220-240Vac 50-60Hz4w