Smart Header Tank Controller

TSR Series – Smart Header Tank / Break Tank Controller

TSR Series Smart Header Tank Controller

A replacement for float switch or ball valve control, allowing a header tank to be filled at high speed and vastly improved efficiency compared with twin ball-cock systems.

Pumps run with reduced temperature and runtime, reducing failures.

A reed sensor detects a low water level and activates the pump allowing it to run on for a period of time after reaching the sensor. In this way the system behaves in a manner similar to a float switch, but with far greater reliability, accuracy, and ease of construction. The problem of overlapping float switches is also eliminated.

TSR series Controllers remove the need to pump through the narrow orifice of a ball-cock, giving a substantial increase in efficiency, allowing smaller header tanks to be selected, and eliminating pump failures due to persistent overheating.

Pump operation is started by the low level sensor, and keeps running after the sensor has been reached for a given time period, thus avoiding the need for the pump to start too frequently, while also ensuring there is sufficient water delivered to the header tank to meet instantaneous demands.

As a safeguard against overflow, a second sensor mounted higher on the header tank will stop pump operation if reached.
Sensors are operated at extra low voltage (12v) and low current, preventing sensor failure and voltage drop issues that affect float switches.

There are no cables within the header tank, no loose floats to become jammed or entangled.

Product CodeOutputsControl Panel Power Consumption Level Detection PointsHigh Level Safety Shut-offContact
TSR230121 @10A3.5w1No
TSR23012A1 @10A3.5w1Yes
TSR23012D2 @10A3.5w2No
TSR23012DA2 @10A3.5w2Yes


  • Safe 24vdc Low Voltage Sensors
  • Safety shutdown on TSR23012A/TSR23012DA in the event of sensor failure (back up sensor)
  • Controls pump or solenoid up to 10A
  • Waterproof to IP66
  • ŸMains top-up failure alarm indicator