Pumps by Application

Steel pumps are ideal for household, domestic, light commercial, industrial and agricultural applications depending on the model. Depending on model they can be used for pressure boosting, tank transfer, wash-down, fire Sprinkler, Rainwater harvesting, irrigation, municipal water, fountains, clean water, oil, or seawater applications.
The matrix below will help select the right pump for your application, type of installation and environment.
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Pumps selection matrix:

  Typical ApplicationsMediumInstallation
Pressure Boosting
Tank Transfer
Fire Sprinkler
Rainwater Harvesting
Municipal Water Features (Fountains)
Clean Water
Pool Water (chlorinated)
Marine and Seawater
Light Oil
Heavy Oil
Warm Water/Oil
X-AJE/JE PCentrifugalSingle Stage Jet Pumplllllll
X-AJV/JV PCentrifugalSingle Stage Jet Pumpllllll
X-AJE/JE BCentrifugalSingle Stage Jet Pumplllllll
X-AJE/JE PROCentrifugalSingle Stage Jet Pumplllllll
X-AJE100 24CentrifugalSingle Stage Jet Pumpllllll
X-AMO/MO BCentrifugalMulti Stage Pumpllllllll
X-AMO/MO PROCentrifugalMulti Stage Pumpllllllll
X-AMO/MO HFCentrifugalMulti Stage Pumplllllllll
X-AMV/MV BCentrifugalMulti Stage Pumpllllllll
X-AMV/MV PROCentrifugalMulti Stage Pumpllllllll
X-AMV/MV HFCentrifugalMulti Stage Pumpllllllllll
X-MN80 B/PROCentrifugalSingle Stage Pumpllllll
X-A2CP/X-2CPCentrifugalDouble Impeller Pumpllllll
X-MF BCentrifugalMulti Stage Pumplll
WP-15Progressive CavityFlexible Impellerlllll
X-MAREProgressive CavityFlexible Impellerllllll
X-VISCOProgressive CavityGear Pumplll
BPMBooster SetDual Variable Speedllll
BVMBooster SetDual Fixed Speedllll
CBBBooster SetSingle Fixed Speedllll
CBVBooster SetSingle Variable Speedllll