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VASCO Variable Speed Inverters
VASCO Variable Speed Inverters

The VASCO is a highly versatile variable frequency drive, designed to control and protect commercial pumping systems by varying the pump speed. Air-cooled it requires adequate ventilation.

Can be connected to any manual pump on the market, and will manage the operation of the pump to maintain a constant desired physical dimension (such as pressure, flow, temperature or other). The pumping system runs only at the speed necessary to meet user’s requirements, ensuring energy savings and extending the life of the system.

Body is constructed entirely of aluminium, with compact size, light weight and durability.

IP55 ingress protection makes it possible to install in humid and dusty environments; the liquid crystal illuminated display ensures easy operation and a buzzer provides an immediate indication of alarm.

Also provides motor protection and monitoring, such as:

  • Protection against overload and dry running
  • Integrated soft start and soft stop functions, extending the life of the system and reducing peak absorption
  • Not suitable for use with automatic pumps


Product Code Input Output Output Current Typical Motor Power (P2) Size (mm)
INV209 ~1 x 230vac ~1 x vin
~3 x vin
~1 x 9A
~3 7A
~1 x 1.1kw
~3 1.5kw
181 x 181 x 228
INV214 ~1 x 230vac ~1 x vin
~3 x vin
~1 x 9A
~3 11A
~1 x 1.1kw
~3 3kw
181 x 181 x 228
INV406 ~3 x 380-460vac ~3 x vin 6A 2.2kw 181 x 181 x 228
INV409 ~3 x 380-460vac ~3 x vin 9A 4kw 181 x 181 x 228
INV414 ~3 x 380-460vac ~3 x vin 14A 5.5kw 260 x 260 x 180
INV418 ~3 x 380-460vac ~3 x vin 18A 7.5kw 260 x 260 x 180
INV425 ~3 x 380-460vac ~3 x vin 25A 11kw 260 x 260 x 180
INV430 ~3 x 380-460vac ~3 x vin 30A 15kw 260 x 260 x 180


  • Single and 3 phase models
  • Can connect up to 8 together for large pump groups
  • Can control a secondary fixed speed pump
  • External sensors
  • 2 x 4-20mA inputs, 2 x 4-20mA or 0-10v (selectable)
  • Ingress protection to IP55