Level Controllers

Our Water Level Controllers will work with any pump range and are of use for many liquid transfer applications. They are ideal deployed with above ground tanks, or where one tank needs to feed another tank, or to balance tank levels. The fault tracking and site level configurability are class leading.

The ability to control multiple tanks levels makes their use in below ground water storage systems particularly useful. With most of our Controllers, there is no need for man entry to fit float switches inside water tanks and chambers.

Our Controllers are truly safe and flexible products to deploy. The software is our own code, on an upgradable chip, and mounted on our own PCB. This gives you total assurance as to our after sales support.

Tank Level Display

RCALM Series – Tank Level Warning Display Kit

A highly effective low (or high) water level warning for water tanks.

Tank Filling / Top-up

TCS5JB Series – Level Control / Mains Water Top-up

Controls the water supply through a high flow solenoid valve to maintain the level of water in a tank.

TCA5000950 – Electronic Mains Water Top-up with Pump Isolation and Alarm

Electronic control of mains water top-up for domestic sized direct pressure rainwater harvesting installations.

TCS9 Series – Time Controlled Tank Level Switch

Provides scheduled level control to fill or drain a tank to a pre-set level only within a specified time window.

Smart Header Tank / Break Tank Controller

TSR Series – Smart Header Tank Controller

A replacement for a float switch or ball valve control, allowing a header tank to be filled at high speed and vastly improve effecienty compared with twin ball-cock systems.

Programmable Level Control

TC340 – Single/Twin Tank Level Controller

This sophisticated controller maintains and monitors the level or water in a storage tank.